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A bunch of pictures. If you go back far enough, you can see stuff I actually drew. You've been warned.



Made Grizzly: Gestal and Ozwald
Jessie Alexandria, daughter to the legendary knight, Roa, was of a lively mind in her youth. Against her mother's wishes, she delved deep into the art of magic. No matter how much she was scolded, she strove to become a mage in her own right. But her desires gave way to tragedy when she lit a fire that took her home and the life of her younger brother. Overcome with grief and anger at her daughter's refusal to listen, Roa had the girl cursed and cast out of the kingdom.

The effects of the curse spread quickly. Every hour she became less human. By the time three days had passed, she had become a beast. Cursed people like her weren't uncommon, but she was still a child, blind to the ways of the world, as both human and monster. With no one to help her adapt, it was clear she would soon meet her death.

In a fit of desperation, she cast herself into a pond to catch a fish, only to be overwhelmed by the deepness of the water. She thrashed and wailed with all her might, what little of it remained. Just as she was about to go under, she was pulled out and brought ashore.

Her panic subsided when she felt herself gently wrapped in her savior's cloak. As she wiped the water from her eyes, a ghastly mask looked down to greet her, "It's harder than it looks, I know. I could teach you an easier way."

The masked man introduced himself as Ozwald Purpura, and though he would not reveal more than his name, he exuded a warmth far beyond his wicked appearance would suggest. Without another word, he carried her back to his camp.

The girl was treated to foods from lands across the sea, books in languages she could not read, and pictures of almost unimaginable landscapes that bore them both. The camp was strange, and the man who owned it even more so; he never removed his mask, even to eat, he would constantly crack macabre jokes, and he would mix vials of strange liquids, all of which he claimed to be poisons, only to immediately drink them himself. 

She had every reason to fear this man, but she did not. He was a kind soul masquerading as something darker. When he asked her name, she hesitated in response, only letting out a meek, "Jes....." The man could sense the unease within her. If she was to have a new life, she would need a new name.

He christened her "Gestal". She gladly accepted it.

The years passed eventfully.

Ozwald passed down everything in his knowledge to Gestal; survivalism, poison crafting, how to use a firearm, before he knew it, Gestal was grown and ready to face the world on her own. As much as it hurt to leave the man she'd come to know as her father, she knew it was for the best. Ozwald knew he had nothing to worry about, but promised to watch over her always, even if from the shadows.

But for all Gestal had learned under Ozwald's care, the world was not kind to her. The advancement of technology had quickly outpaced that of magic. Beastpeople like her were seen as the corrupted remnants of an age gone by and treated as such. Fearing the cruel world without Ozwald, Gestal decided she needed more time, settling down in the attic of a shopkeeper who only mildy despised her.

Ozwald kept his promise. While he never appeared to her, every week he would leave her supplies on her windowsill. Gestal was thankful for his generosity, but felt as if she were letting him down for staying in one place.

Several more months went by before Ozwald's gifts stopped appearing. Gestal knew the man's intentions were always to prepare her to face the world alone, but it wasn't like him to disappear without saying anything. Perhaps this was it; her final test. She no longer feared what would come her way. All that mattered now was finding Ozwald, even if it had to be on her own.

Armed with only her cloak and her poisons, she heads for the frozen city of Eiswald...


I used to be really into writing. While I gave it up forever ago, I still have tons of ideas that never really develop beyond the initial ideas, leading me to forget about them after a week or so. But this? I haven't been able to stop thinking about it for a good month now and I'm drumming up new ideas for it every day. It honestly makes me want to get back into writing, and seeing two of the characters visualized only makes me want to write it all the more.

(Made Grizzly is a bit of a working title)

HUUUUGE thanks to   foolgirl for this gorgeous art.
Hellions - #JOGSQUAD
Tired of her excess chub, Holly seeks out the ever active Pinks for advice on ways to go from slob to succubus.
For the most part, I've been using this site just to browse. I gave up drawing years ago when I realized I only did it cause I was bored at school.

But now I'm bored at work! And my mind is flooded with ideas that I can't afford to have other people draw, so I might as well get back into drawing it myself. Apologizes in advance for the mini-dump, but I've been thinking about the idea non stop for the past few days.

HELLIONS centers around day-to-day lives of some junior demons attending college to learn how to go to Earth and be a general nuisance. This likely won't be an actual webcomic or anything (though if my art improves, I definitely want to try it), more just a series of character sheets and random doodles of the demons' various shenanigans.

I'll probably get around to uploading some other unrelated doodles I've been doing as well. Ah, it's good to be back!
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